Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Rusted Bolts - Wind Secure Inc

Here is a video of us dry ice cleaning corrosion from anchor bolts before applying Rust Bullet Rust inhibitor paint.

Physically bonded rust will be removed from steel, but the underlying chemically etched surface created by the rusting process will not be changed, leaving the steel surface clean but still pitted.

The same applies to corroded materials, for example, oil, grease and road dirt can be removed from an Aluminium engine block, but the corroded areas, generally caused by road salt, can still be identified after cleaning.
Rust Bullet Corrosion Protection Holding 145,000 lbs

How good is Rust Bullet at protecting your anchor bolts? Watch this video and find out….Under 143,000lbs the Rust Bullet maintains its integrity. This coating is widely used by the US Navy for protecting the United States fleet of ships, as well as countless shipyards, mines, factories and power plants throughout the world. The beauty of using Rust Bullet for protecting your anchor bolts, is that it solves every issue associated with conventional bolt covers and grease. Instead of only being able to see a piece of plastic, which almost always conceal major issues with the bolts, the Rust Bullet allows for 100% visibility of your hardware. In addition to visibility, there are no messes, no bolt caps to remove (which often have to be replaced after removal), and tensioning is a breeze. Contact Wind Secure for more technical data on Rust Bullet.
Wind Secure Granted Rights to Patented Base Bolt Tensioning Process

A process for improving structural integrity of a structure is provided that includes retensioning a plurality of anchor bolts installed on the structure to a final load P, for each of a set of anchor bolts at a first time.

American wind power reaches major power generation milestones in 2013

Washington, D.C.- American wind power topped 4 percent of the U.S. power grid for the first time last year and has delivered 30 percent of all new generating capacity for the last five years. In Iowa and South Dakota, wind power now exceeds 25 percent of total electricity production. In nine states it provided more than 12 percent and in 17 states, more than five percent.

Wind power generated 4.13 percent of all the electricity in America in 2013 as the fifth largest electricity source in the U.S.

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AWEA's Operations and Maintenance Recommended Best Practices: Foundation Inspections, Maintenance and Base Bolt Tensioning Procedures

When the industry’s top professionals in the field come together to share their combined decades of expertise, the result is the First Edition AWEA Operations and Maintenance Recommended Practices.

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Wind Secure Protects First Vestas V112 Foundation Anchor Bolts With Rust Bullet Anti Corrosives

The V112-3.0 MW is the most rigorously tested turbine ever brought to the market. A short documentary shows how the new turbine was pushed to the limits and beyond.

Wind Secure is proud to be the first to work on a VSTAS v112 project in North America.
A violent wind destroyed a wind turbine

This is why your project needs to be secure, wow what force!

A wind turbine near the city Hornslet Arhus (Denmark) was destroyed by a storm. The safety mechanism to prevent the wind from turning during high winds did not work.

It gives way at the :16 second mark in the video.